simone square smash

Amanda Williams on Monday, 29 September 2008. Posted in Student Life

simone square smash aka the opening of park point was this past weekend.  there was live music, games and prizes.  unfortunately I left my camera in Ohio last time I went home, so I don't have any pictures, but maybe I can get some from my friends later.  for those students that are over 21, there are two new bars in park point, lovin' cup and TC Riley's.  we checked them both out and they are fantastic.  TC Riley's is a irish pub and Lovin' Cup is like panera but better decorated and they serve beer and wine. 

we ate dinner at Paradiso Pizza because I have already had Lovin' Cup a few times.  the pizza was great we will defiantly be going back there.  overall my friends and I are glad park point is there, go check it out!

this is the 5th week of classes this quarter, which means FINALS.  I lucked out, i only have one take home final and a online quiz for my grad classes, but I am sure the other students will be studying hard and working late nights on their projects this week.

brick city is right around the corner.  being an alumni volunteer I got free tickets to Dinosaur BBQ and Bill Nye the Science Guy.  hopefully I'll have my camera back by then!