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Slackline at RIT

Alissa Anderson on Wednesday, 13 October 2010. Posted in Athletics, Clubs, Student Life

This is something on campus that cannot be ignored: the Slackline. 

I first noticed the game outside my bedroom window on the Greek lawn: two boys had tied a nylon belt between the huge oak trees shading my window. The two THEN decided it would  be a good idea to tight-rope walk between the trees. After a few minutes, the boys were drawing attention and the group grew and kids (who obviously walked before) were pulling yoga moves, jumping and flipping off the line. 

Today, the Slackline crew is seen regularly on the Green Lawn or in the Infinity Quad chillin out and walking the line. 

Check out this documentary (shot on the Greek Lawn!) about the sport: 


Check out the full story from the Reporter Magazine and @RITslackline  on Twitter



Here is a quick lesson on how to Slackline in case you need some practice before you introduce yourself to the crew: (from 


Learning to Walk

#1 Tip - Don’t watch the your feet or the webbing, focus your eyes on something eye level near the end of the webbing and let your balance tell you where to put your feet. If you are going to watch the ground make sure it is at least 15 feet in front of you.

 #2 Tip - Relax. Shake out your shoulders, arms and legs before you begin. It actually helps.

#3 Tip - Don't lock your knees. Keep them at least partially bent and keep your arms out. Keep your head up and lean your torso back a little while taking steps.

#4 Tip – To really improve plan on twenty minutes as a bare minimum time for a slack session.

#5 Tip - HAVE FUN. Don't concentrate too hard or get frustrated. Just keep trying and have fun.