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Kahle Toothill on Thursday, 07 December 2006.

It's now Week 1 of Winter Quarter here at RIT. A lot has happened since the end of Fall quarter. I did well in all my classes, 3 A's and one B so I made Dean's list... yay! I'm taking 14 credits this quarter so I hope to make extra time for the gym and snowboarding. The snowboarding team here is going to be competing again and I plan on doing bordercross. I don't care if I'm bad at it, it will still be fun.

Over Thanksgiving break, I spent 4 days in Disney with the fam. We hit up Downtown Disney, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. My favorite was the Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom lodge. We ate in one of the restaurants in the Animal KIngdom lodge and the head cook brought us our special desserts for free and outside they had all the animals roaming around and there were fire pits with chairs surrounding them and ppl were roating marshmallows watching the zebras. It was so cool. Then we headed back to Bonita Springs where we have a house that we rent out. My friend, Chrissy, who goes to RIT also has a house down there so we met up and her dad took us to Bonita Beach in his Porshe. We had a blast! Here's some pictures of the trip and the Kilamanjaro Safari.

Then I went home for about a week and we had a TORNADO in Mountain Top, Pennsylvania!!!! (which is unheard of) The storm's path followed the road right behind my house. I was at my grandmother's at the time so we all got in the basement and the doors kept flying open so we had to prop chairs against them. Then the power went out. When I tried to drive home, I found out that there was NO way to get home since all the roads were closed due to huge pine trees blocking the way and numerous power lines down. They said it would take 2 days to clean up so I had no choice but to abandon my car and walk 2 miles home through the woods, trying to walk around the trees and dodging the power lines. It was unbeleivable. SHopping carts were picked up into the air and hurled through the windows of our local grocery store. We didn't have power for 1.5 days, but luckily we had a little generator so we had limited power in our house.

When I finally made it back to RIT, I came home to an apartment all decorated for Christmas. It's a winter wonderland and I LOVE it. Mason and Melissa decorated/cleaned the whole place over break since they were in the ROC for break. There's presents under the tree already :) I'm going shopping tomorrow hopefully so I can get everything ready!

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Christmas party is in 8 days!!! I need to get a Secret Santa gift, a dress and a date. haha