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Snow Trouble...

Cory Gregory on Sunday, 04 February 2007.

Tonight a couple friends and I decided to go to the Olive Garden. It had snowed pretty hard for a couple of hours before and the roads weren't exactly plowed. As we were leaving the RIT campus, our car slid on the road, pulled a 180, and ended up on the other side of the road in about a foot of snow! Luckily, there wasn't anything or anyone around or someone could have gotten hurt. The point of this post isn't to warn people about driving in bad conditions, but more to inform everyone of how wonderful a community RIT has.

While we were on the side of the road, the majority of people that drove by stopped and asked if we needed help. At one point, we had people from three different vehicles helping us try to push the car out of the snow! I'm amazed at how caring people are here. Everyone that drove by was just so willing to help us out when we really needed it. Even though I didn't even know the people that were helping us, I felt like part of a big RIT family. To our dismay, even with all the man-power, we were unable to get the car out of the snow. In the end, we did get the car out of the snow. Luckily, one of our other friends came and pulled it out with his car.

Because of all the caring people at RIT, the sign for this week is... care!


To sign care, first put one fist on top of the other and make the sign for 'k' with both hands. Then move both hands together in a small circle in front of you. Again, the image is taken from video clips on the American Sign Language Browser web page. That's all for this post. Be looking for another post soon about a singer/song-writer that I fell in love with!