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So, like, what's there to do around here?

Tiffani Williams on Wednesday, 01 August 2007. Posted in Clubs, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

#1 Question I get on my tours from students: "So, like, what's there to do around here?"

So, in light of this ever-so-popular question, I thought I should talk a little bit about RIT's definition of FUN.

definition: fun

n. 1. CAB (College Activities Board)
2. Brick City Homecoming
3. Varsity Sports, Intermurals
4. Clubs
Spring Festival

adj. 1. entertaining performers (ex: Kanye West, Pan!c at the Disco, Jon Stewart, RIT Music Ensembles)
2. diverting activities (ex: lazy river, hot tub, ultimate frisbee, movies, dances)

RIT's CAB in in charge of most of the organized events on campus. There are many different divisions/events such as:

Friday Night in the Ritz - weekly entertainment including karoke, local musicians, etc. The picture below is of an open mic night.

- organized events for off-campus activites. There is a group of students headed to Darien Lake (huge amusement park) this weekend for only $15

Saturday Night Stand Up - RIT brings comedians on campus every Saturday

Thursday Night Movies: The picture below is of an advertisement for Gremlins one weekend this past school year.

Last but not least, Major Events - we have had tons of huge concerts, comedians, and speakers come to RIT in the past.

Pictured below are some shots of Ben Folds (May 5th, 2007)



Sorry...Ben is a little blurry there. All of theses photos are courtesy of CAB's website at

Sadly, since I am going on co-op this fall, I will be missing Brick City Homecoming. I am thinking about planning a drive back just so I can be here for the events. We are getting Howie Mandel Laughing.

There are tons of things to do on campus; not just things organized by CAB. Like I mentioned before, a lot of students spend time on clubs in sports, hanging out in the hot tub or on the lazy river. There are always things going on on this campus. I've never been bored.

Personally, I have tried to attend all the events that RIT has to offer. If you would like to check out any other information about RIT's events, check out!!