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So Long, Farewell...

Sarah Alef on Friday, 22 May 2009. Posted in Life After RIT

They never tell you what you're going to learn in college.  You apply to college with the expectation that it'll be like high school except more awesome, more girls/guys, and your parents won't yell at you for breaking curfew rules.  You pick a college based on the academics (hopefully!) and you graduate according to how well you completed those academic requirements.  

What they don't tell you is that you learn more from living with people than you ever will in a classroom, and the connections and friendships you make over the course of your three, four or five years here are the reason you made it this far in the first place.  These people are the ones who see you at your best, your worst, and who become your chosen family.  Like all families, you fight and you argue with each other, but you are also there for support, company, and amusement.

This weekend, I will say good-bye to the people who have shared the last three years with me, whether on this blog (I'll pretend I have regular readers), in my apartment, or in my daily academic battles. They are undoubtedly part of the reason I have managed to get through here with my sanity relatively intact (Sade, you can argue this one later) and I'm incredibly grateful to them for it. 

I never thought I would be sad to leave college; in fact, I thought I would be thrilled to leave it behind.  But I'm dearly going to miss the people here.  They've made a huge impact on my life, and not seeing them every single day is going to be tough.  "They've got trains and planes and cars", but it still isn't quite the same.  Just 'cause I'm leaving though, doesn't mean I won't be back to visit.

Now I'm going to look at the ceiling for a while so my eyes will stop doing that watering thing, and continue infecting Sade with an appreciation of Grey's Anatomy. (I'm a biologist, it's what I do.  I infect things!) Two seasons down, three to go...and so another season of my life comes to a close.