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so much, so little time

Erin Hazeltine on Sunday, 19 April 2009.

So I am far behind in my blogging I do not know what to tell you, where to start where to end... I guess I'll start with I am no longer a teenager... and it's weird! (I mean at 5:15 in the morning when I was sleeping I didn't feel the time clock switch...) but yea I am no longer 19. Yesterday we celebrated we went to Dinosaur barbeque and ate a FABULOUS meal! Then we went back to my apartment and played "Life" gotta celebrate the teenage years when you still have them, and then we ate RAINBOW CHEESECAKE!!! check out the pics. It was made by one of roommates!

Rainbow Cheesecake!

What else!?
It is week 7, which means beginning of craziness. I have 2 tests tomorrow that I SHOULD be studying for, but it's my Birthday! ;) and I have to blog because I haven't in so LONG!

Ok so after looking through my pictures... I had to look through my pictures to see what I had been up to... yea kinda sad but its ok!

But I was going to talk about the Accepted Student Hometown Receptions. As others have said they traveled to various cities to talk to accepted students, hopefully some you guys were there. Well I went to the NYC and the Boston one and had an AWESOME trip. It was spent learning SOO much more about some of the counselors in the office as well as two other ambassadors. Basically upwards of 20 hours in the car or the "vault" you learn alot! ;)
But post that trip a lot of the student's that I have talked to during the accepted student chats or what not, it's so nice to be able to recognized; "were you the girl on the panel with the orange sweater?" "were you the girl that complained about the bricks?" Yep that's me!


Brian being Brian, and the Apple Store.

OK I really should share more but I HAVE to get back to my work!!
but I promise to be better about updating!