So...Why RIT?

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Wednesday, 26 February 2014. Posted in Visiting RIT

By far the most frequently asked question on my tours. Everyone wants to know, the microphones are in my face and the press conference is waiting, WHY did you choose to go here out of any other University in the nation? Every group is the same, they are just hanging by a thread waiting to hear an answer that will justify their trip to RIT.

My answer is always the same, and it is always simple. The community. RIT is a family, and over four years it has become just that. When you come to RIT you realize immediately that our large campus is also extremely diverse. There’s something for everyone and a niche that you can find where you belong. I always give the example that even if you like wearing capes and running around with Nerf Guns at 3 in the morning, there’s a group of people you can relate to and connect with. With over 300 clubs on campus, there’s a place and relationship for everyone.

It was this same feeling I was considering when looking at universities. Way back when , I had narrowed my decision down to two schools - RIT and one in Pennsylvania. I had been looking mainly at the co-op program, design school (as I am a graphic designer), as well as the most important factor, did I picture myself fitting in here. That’s what my dad always said during our college visits, do you picture yourself living here, going to classes here, making friends here, having a life here? Truth was, the only place I felt this was at RIT. The other schools were excellent universities, however they didn’t share that same diversity or inclusion that I believe RIT has.

So I’m going to pass off the message my dad gave me on to you: don’t get lost in the college process with the rankings, scores, and notoriety.  In the end the only thing you have to think of is do you see yourself living there?