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Social Media on Campus

Alissa Anderson on Friday, 30 September 2011. Posted in Life After RIT, Study Abroad

With the growth of smartphone popularity in today’s society, the RIT campus has seen significant changes in the use of Social Medias on campus. Since upgrading myself to a smartphone, I have increased my use of applications like Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook, etc. I initially used these applications for recreational use, but as more students join the craze I have found them to be increasingly more important in my campus connectivity.

As a member of the Social Media team in the @RITAdmissions office, I am required to maintain a twitter account (@RIT_Alissa) to document my RIT experience in real time. I have started following accounts for different campus events and organizations, helping me stay up to date on news and events on campus. The account allows me to connect with campus representatives I do not regularly see on campus, or would not have the opportunity to interact with. By using my twitter account I am able to send my thoughts, promote my organizations, and share information with everyone from follow students - to the president of Student Government - to the Senior Vice President for Student Affairs. As a student, this technology makes it very easy to get recognized or submit feedback to the RIT community.

Foursquare is an application that allows users to check into campus locations and events. The application has a creep factor because it allows you to see where your friends are on campus, but I have also experienced a strange connectivity on campus due to my use of Foursquare. The application crowns “mayor-ship” to the individual who has checks into a location most frequently. The mayor of a particular location is displayed on the home screen of a location. I recently checked into the Artesano Bakery & Cafe and noticed the mayor was “in the house” … and also happened to be a popular campus professor. Curious to put a face to the name I attempted to scan the room while I waited for my coffee… turns out he was standing right behind me and knew exactly what I was doing. He introduced himself as the mayor and we proceed to have a great conversation on the impact of social media and its ability to connect random individuals (obviously). Connecting with social media has allowed me to talk to campus faculty and staff I would not have otherwise met.

FaceBook is probably the most common social media used on campus. We use it in the admissions office to maintain an accepted student page to answer questions and chat to prospective students. As a student body we use it on campus to broadcast upcoming events and share photos and comments from past events.

If you are looking to get connected and virtually experience the RIT world before you come to campus be sure to check out the @RITadmissions social media team on twitter, facebook, and online.


Twitter: @RIT_Alissa, @RIT_Emily, @RIT_Tanner, @RIT_Kevin, @RIT_Christina, @RIT_Megan, @RIT_Erin, and @RIT_Trevor