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Some differences between High School and College

Casey Bitzberger on Thursday, 17 June 2010. Posted in Life After RIT, Student Life

The Bathroom!

You can go whenever you wish!! I had a teacher in high school who yelled at me for asking “Can I go to the Bathroom?” and made me stand in front of the class and say, “MAY I go to the bathroom?” before I could actually go. Yes, she was the devil (I’m sure of it). But now, I can go whenever I wish. There is no need to raise your hand or have the correct sentence structure. All you have to do is get up and go and be free of the restraints of high school law.


These do not exist at college (except for those you set for yourself or if you’re on a sports team that requires it). Your parents will not yell at you for coming home at 2:00am (unless you tell them of course). You will not get grounded, have to do extra chores, or get the disappointed mom look because you are truly on your own. You get to make the decisions and do the stupid things that having a curfew kept you from doing in the past. However, when you have an early class the next morning or don’t want to be a complete bum, you might want to hop in bed before midnight.

Becoming yourself

High school has a talent for making people feel insecure, misunderstood, and annoyed. College can change that. This is the place where people constantly reinvent themselves. This is where you grow and change and decide who you truly are/want to be. High School is a painfully awkward time when you’re trapped between growing up and growing out. Change is inevitable and improves experiences and lives.

Eating and Drinking in Class 

Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are allowed. Some teachers even encourage it, more notably in the early classes where students are more likely to fall asleep during lecture without some food distraction for motivation. It is rare when a teacher requests of his or her class to refrain from eating during class time. It is understandable in a lab or gym setting, but more likely than not, barring being completely obnoxious and making food noises, eating and drinking and chewing in class are perfectly acceptable actions.


For those of us who went to private or catholic schools and had to wear a uniform to school every day, getting to wear whatever you like in college is absolutely fantastic. Many students believe that changing out of PJ’s to go to class is a step that is unnecessary and often show up in fuzzy slippers and Winnie the Pooh getup. There are those boys who wear the loose pants/shorts, the girls who wear the skin tight…everything, and the rest who make it up as the go along. I am of the simple and comfy group where well fitted jeans and flattering tops are my friends.


You will hang out with the most random assortment of people you’ll ever meet. First, the only people you will know are those on your dorm floor (and will stay in contact with a couple of these people). Second, you’ll know/hang out with those in your major (and will know them for the entirety of your college experience). Third, as you get to know the campus and join activities get a job and meet people through people, you will acquire a wide and completely random group of friends who are all wonderful in their odd ways. By your third year, you will know more people walking down the Quarter Mile (The connecting walkway of academic and residential sides of campus) than you would’ve ever imagined. You’ll realize that it is not because you are popular, but rather because you put yourself out there, met new people, and aren’t a jerk.

Social Life

Yes, you will do stupid things. College is the time to do many stupid things and every single one of you will do a wide variety of stupid…stupid things. Just make sure you have a buddy whom you trust with your life! or with your purse/wallet/iphone. Make sure you know where you are at all times. Make sure you’re not in an uncomfortable situation and know your limits. And above all, make sure that you learn from your stupid…stupid mistakes because it will surely help you out later in life when you do Stupid…Stupid things at your job :)