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Some how, I had forgotten about this Admissions blog.

Stacy Kowsz on Saturday, 28 July 2007. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

I truly enjoy blogging, and I try to do it regularly.  You never know when some random people over the internet might be interested in my oh-so-exciting thoughts and life.  However, somehow, I had forgotten about this Admissions blog; I've been updating about my life thoughts and life elsewhere.  However, now I return here with plenty of thoughts and life.  I'm really not even quite sure where to start. 

I was reminded of the Admissions blog because Cynthia mentioned it the other day.  I have just finished reading her most recent post, and she concludes with excitement about Brian Baldwin's visit to Rochester. 

Well, I took them (Cynthia, Brian, and my friend Zach)  blueberry picking.  (For those interested in the subject of blueberries in the Rochester area, we went here:  It was a good time.  Sort of hot for picking blueberries, but fun nonetheless.
The apricots were also ripe, and seeing as I had never seen or eaten a fresh apricot, I had to check those out.  I was able to experience eating my first fresh apricot.  I've only ever had them in preserves or dried.  My personal review: it was sort of mushy/mealy.  It seemed juicy but not that flavorful.  It had a little pit that was in a hole in the middle of the fruit, and the pit wasn't really connected to the fruity flesh so it just fell out; this made it easier to eat tham a plum or peach or nectarine.  I'm not really sure that I liked it.  I don't really think I disliked it, but I didn't want to eat more after my first two.  (Logically, I tried two to be sure that I didn't just pick a not so good one the first time.)

Next, after blueberries and apricots, we were going to go check out purple raspberries, mainly because they were called "purple," and I am not entirely sure that I have had purple raspberries before.  At this point, I backed my car into some parked car.  (No injuries; I was just rolling backwards, and I never go very fast while going backwards, because, clearly, I'm not very good at it.  It resulted in a dent in the other car's rear passenger side door, where it looks suspiciously like there had already been prior damage, and I cracked the plastic casing to my tail light.)  This begins the adventure of finding the people who owned the car, trying to explain to them what happened, having them not understand me because they didn't speak English very well, having the man get very very very mad, calling 911 to get a cop to come write up an accident report, waiting a while, calling my mother to tell her that I backed her car into someone else's car, panicking that I didn't think I had the insurance card, finding the insurance card, calling 911 again wondering what was taking so long, being told the police in Greece were a little busy and no one had been dispatched yet, waiting a while more, having the man get mad at Zach because they rolled down the window on the damaged door to see if it would work and then it wouldn't roll back up, waiting some more, having the man be really really really mad still, having the cop come, waiting some more while he filled out the paperwork, and then finally getting to go pay for the fruit we had picked, a lot of which I had eaten while sitting around.  I made it truly an adventure to the blueberry picking field.  However, in conclusion, I would recommend not backing your car into someone else's car; it takes a while to get sorted out and you get people pretty darn mad.