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Special Interest House Mural

Cory Gregory on Monday, 21 May 2007. Posted in Residence Life, RIT Mission

The Special Interest House mural that I mentioned in the last post was painted a couple weekends ago. As next year's co-president of Art House, I took on the task of getting the mural painted. This was my first real task as co-president and it came out amazing. First, a spot in the tunnels needed to be picked out. I chose a couple of spots between Colby and NRH since those are the two buildings that contain the Special Interest Houses. Once we got approval to paint, I organized the supplies and the painters and we began to paint. Here are a couple of photos from the day.

In the first photo, we "blocked" the image so that way everyone could work on different sections and it would come out proportional.


After the image was sketched on the wall, we began painting.


..and here is a photo of the mural after it was completed.


The mural contains elements from International House, Unity House, Art House, Photo House, Engineering House, Business Leaders of Tomorrow, Computer Science House, and House of General Science.