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Spring Break Adventures

Sarah Alef on Saturday, 08 March 2008. Posted in Vacation / Break

Originally from west of Chicago, Rochester is the furthest east I've ever been.  (Aside from a trip to DC once)  So after my finals concluded last week on Wed, three friends and I hopped in my car and headed to NYC.  I stayed with one of my friends, and we went into the city on Friday and Saturday. 

For a girl from the cornfields, NYC is very big.  And very shiny.  I'm pretty sure my eyes were as big as saucers the entire time.  Anyway, here's some of the highlights of my adventure. 

1) Times Square - very very shiny.  There were too many directions to look at one time.  A little overwhelming, it was still a lot of fun.  I've never seen so many billboards!  Chicago has NOTHING even close to that amount of shiny. 

2) M&M/Hershey Store - These were relatively close to each other, and so we stopped there and wandered around.  I didn't buy anything, but it was fun just to see all the different types of M&Ms, and the giant Hershey bars. 

3) Toys R' Us - I have trouble remembering if this was Toys 'R Us or KB Toys, but regardless, COOL.  They had a giant ferris wheel in the middle of store, and of course I was totally all over the Legos.  I LOVE Legos.  Unfortunately, their selection was somewhat limited (in my opinion.) One of the store employees did manage to scare the pants off me and my friend by walking a remote control spider out from under a shelf we were walking by. We wandered around the entire store for a while, and then left in search of other entertainment. 

3) Disney Store - We were in here for at least an hour +.  SO MUCH FUN.  Basically my childhood in a store, minus the Legos.  We were about to leave when Megdela's song from Hercules came on the soundtrack, so we stayed specifically to listen to the rest of the song.  We also got invited to meet and greet Cinderella, but we were feeling our age by that point (the rest of the store was filled with parents and children under 12) so we left.

4) Apple Store on 5th Avenue - I had heard so much about this store, and was really really excited to see it.  We got to play with a Macbook Air, which was rather anti-climatic.  I still don't understand why you would want a laptop without a CD drive, although there are times when I could definitely see the lack of weight being an advantage.  Trudging the quarter mile, anyone?  I also wandered among the ipods, and considered buying an iPod Touch just to make my brother infuriatingly jealous, but decided that was a petty reason. 

5) FAO Schwartz - Quite possibly my favorite store we ventured into.  There were so many toys!  We lusted after the Harry Potter regalia, danced on the giant piano, petted the enormous stuffed animals, purchased way too much sugar for two 20 year olds, and spent quite a while in the very large selection of Legos.  (Again, I. LOVE. Legos.)  I also bought the Bubonic Plague (it's a stuffed germ, long story) to add to my collection of stuffed microbes.  Yay plague!

We also went to some other places, including: Rockerfeller Center, Central Park, 5th Avenue stores, Chinatown, Sony Entertainment Center, the NYC Subway (which was quite the experience for someone who is used to sitting down on subway trains), Penn Station, and Grand Central Station.  Yay NYC!  Here are some pictures from my adventure; hopefully I'll have more soon!
Me in Grand Central Station! (If you know the movie Madagascar, you know this scene!)

NYC @ night!

Hopefully more pictures to follow once I get them downloaded off my phone!