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Spring Break: Portland & Seattle

Emily Okey on Thursday, 10 March 2011. Posted in Vacation / Break

Today is my “friday” of week one of spring quarter, for classes at least. I feel like this year has gone by so quickly, I can’t believe we only have 10 weeks left until summer.
PLUS. I just sent in an application for graduation. How weird is that?! They make you send it in 4 quarters before you graduate which happens to be right now it just seems so early.  
But onto more fun things..
Like spring break! This year I traveled out to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA with the art honors program. They go on one big trip a year and since I was a late entry into the honors program this is my first trip! The Italy trip during winter quarter was also with honors but that’s not on their typical schedule of yearly events.
We flew out to Portland the day after final week which was a bit rushed only because we had to put together full portfolios to show companies! Throughout the week we visited 5 or 6 different graphic design, film and photography companies between the two cities. There were 20 of us total on the trip between faculty, students and interpreters so it was a rather large group to move around.
Our first full day there we got a van tour of the Columbia River Gorge and Falls. With awesome views!



They initially told us we couldn’t go up there due to the “possibility of snow or cold temperatures” which was kind of funny to here after leaving Rochester with a foot of snow on the ground. The first day we were in Portland they got record rainfall.. broke some 112 year record or something crazy. Go figure.

The rest of the time in Portland was spent visiting companies (like Adidas!), trying out foodcarts (there are "pods" of food carts on lots of street corners with food that equality that you can find in a restaurant) and taking over local frozen yogurt places (which probably appreciated our business since we're a group of 20 taking it over in March...).

Every night in both Portland and Seattle we also go to have dinner with Alumni which was a great chance to network and here what Alumni are up to after college.

Next up was Seattle...


Which had a fantastic waterfront complete with an aquarium which we visited on one of the days as well as the public market (similar to Rochester's but much larger in scale). It was even sunny for us!



Throughout the trip much coffee was consumed...

And we took lots of pictures! Below is all of the graphic design majors that went on the trip-- all are seniors & graduating except for me =(

Are there any prospective or accepted students from Portland or Seattle?

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