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Spring Festival.. a little late

Emily Okey on Thursday, 04 June 2009. Posted in Student Life

So yes, you do go to college for the excellent education but you know there is life outside of homework ;) I've been meaning to talk about it forever and since almost a month has past, I think it's time. 

Spring quarter is by far the most active. Sure, fall was pretty busy... getting moved in, adjusting to classes and a new life, meeting people, etc. By winter most of the activities tended to be indoors, comedians, hockey games, and movie nights. Then came spring quarter and suddenly every weekend was packed with more than you could handle. Between concerts at RIT, festivals downtown, group trips to the beach (ontario lake park), imagine RIT and spring festival, I hardly had any downtime. It was a welcomed break from homework though so no complaints there. 

Spring Festival is an event put on by CAB (College Activities Board). It's a weekend-long event including various bands, an outdoor movie (this year was Step Brothers), a carnival in one of the parking lots (pictures below), rock climbing, moonbounces, a cappella concerts and a few other things that I'm sure I've failed to mention. The first day was gorgeous but then it decided to rain the second which didn't really put a damper on any of the fun.. we just got a little wet :) 

Also during spring quarter there are more BBQs on campus than you have ever seen in your entire life.. well at least for me. It seemed like everyday some new group or organization had one.. free food! It's nice to be able to wander around campus and constantly find something else to do or more people to hang out with. One of the nights my roommate and I decided to go bring out towels and do homework in one of the fields.. turns out just about everyone else on campus had that idea because there were hundreds of people! The tech crew even brought out huge speakers to play music just for the heck of it, it was pretty cool.