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Spring Has Sprung: For Two Days Anyway

Emily Okey on Monday, 16 March 2009. Posted in Athletics, Coursework, Student Life

I think I have come to fully accept my hockey addiction. I apologize in advance for the hockey overload you have received from my blog, but I figure these are supposed to give you a taste for student life, right? Well, here it is J

RIT (Ranked 2nd) beat Holy Cross (Ranked 7th) in three exciting games! A typical “hockey weekend” consists of a game Friday and Saturday against the same team. This weekend, because it was the quarterfinals, was best of three.  The Tigers lost 3-5 on Friday night. The only benefit of this loss was that I got to see THREE hockey games in one weekend! Louis Menard (goalie: #30) made a total of 95 saves over the three nights. The other goalie, Jared DeMichael (#33), was unfortunately out for a wrist injury. After the disappointing game on Friday, the Tigers came back strong and played an amazing game beating the Holy Cross Crusaders 6-4. If that wasn’t enough, Sunday nights deciding game wasabsolutely amazing! They pulled of a 9-5 win. Apparently, the 14 total goals made in Sunday’s game was a AHA record. The Tigers will be playing Mercyhurst at the Blue Cross Arena in downtown Rochester on Friday. If you’re in the area,you should go support RIT!














(hockey gang at the game! Go Tigers!)

In un-hockey news, WE HAVE WARM WEATHER! Today reached a whopping 57 degrees and tomorrow will be around the same. It’s so nice to be able to throw a light jacket on (for the cool-ish mornings) and head out the door. I’ve never seen so many people outside, well not since the fall, at least. Sure, people do venture outdoors during the winter—we do all attend class after all. But there is something about sunny spring weather that brings everyone outside with their homework, Frisbees, kites, skateboards, etc.

My busy spring quarter schedule is continuing to go well in week two. I believe that my last post was pre-busy Thursday. Eleven and a half hours of classes packed into one day is easier than you might think. It’s nice that the classes are so diverse yet interrelated (elements of graphic design, philosophy, drawing and psychology). It keeps the day interesting because there is constantly something new, except at the same time they are very similar so what I’m learning in one carries over to the next. It’s kind of funny being in psychology and philosophy classes at the same time, I’ve never been quite so aware of what I’m thinking.

Be on the look out in the coming month for letters about our“accepted student phone & chat power!” You should be receiving more information in the mail about that at a later date but you can be thinking of questions for us in the meantime!...Or just leave comments on the blogs J

For those graduating, I hope everyone’s senior year is going well. Don’t let the last quarter get you down, you’re almost done!