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Spring is Here – Starting the Job Hunt

Jacob Sachs on Thursday, 21 March 2013. Posted in Academic Calendar, Life After RIT

Now that winter, or at least winter quarter has passed, it is on to spring. During this quarter, I am taking my last requirements within my major including two elective classes. I am not officially done with school until after this upcoming summer quarter, the final quarter at RIT before the university switches to semesters beginning in the fall.

During this time, while still being focused on my full course load, working for admissions, and being actively involved in my fraternity in my last active quarter, some of my attention has now been drawn to my continuing search for full-time jobs as a packaging engineer.

This experience is definitely quite a step up from the searching I went through for co-ops. As opposed to solely getting interviews and ultimately offers out of the Packaging Science career fair, I have been actively researching for jobs and beginning to apply. The process is a bit more formalized as well, as things such as cover letters and a strong resume are more important than ever, as with many people applying for the same jobs, not just from RIT but elsewhere, that part of the application is what first distinguishes you.

As I do have some flexible timing with my plans for summer, as I have a few more classes for other minor and concentration requirements to finish up with, I plan to become busier over time with my job search. I continue to use RIT Job Zone as a great resource, and I also search via additional job sites as well.

As my search continues throughout the spring, be sure to look for updates through my blogs and to follow me on twitter.