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Spring Quarter

Emily Okey on Monday, 12 March 2012. Posted in Coursework

Much like Erin stated in her last post, it's gorgeous here. I can hardly believe that it's spring quarter already because we definitely have not gotten much winter weather around Rochester. 

Last weekend, I headed back down to Maryland with a quick stop in Hershey, PA to visit my boyfriends family. The drive down 15 is so pretty. I looked at a lot of schools that were along the 95 east coast corridor and while that's not a reason to not go to a school, I'm definitely glad I picked the location I did!

Spending time at home was fantastic. Last quarter was more than a little bit stressful so it was great to have homecooking (thanks mom!), extra time to sleep in and no homework to worry about. My parents and I also spent Friday in DC exploring museums. We hit the National Gallery of Art, Portrait Gallery, American Art Gallery & Philips Collection along with a tasty stop in Chinatown. Living 45 minutes to an hour from DC growing up, I definitely didn't take full advantage of the museums down there. Of course, now after 5 quarters of art history I appreciate what's all down there. It was fun to recognize 75% of the artists from previous classes.



In the Philips Collection, the main exhibit was called "Snapshot." It featured 7 photographers all of whom were associated with Kodak in Rochester. Pretty funny to leave Rochester and still see some of its history. 


Back in Rochester now and I had my first class this morning (Adv. Design Networking) which I'm taking along with fellow ambassador, Christina. It's a 2nd year new media class but as I have completely almost all of the graphic design requirements so I'm using this quarter to branch out and get more experience with interactive design. I'm taking a class in Foundations of Mobile Design (in GCCIS) as well this quarter. I really wanted to take classes that are going to help me understand these things I might need to know down the road, so why not test them out in a 10 week class?  I still have two other classes tonight so I'm using today to get all caught up with random errands & textbook purchases (only needed one for Wines of the World!). 

So crazy to think that today was my LAST first day of school ever. Can't believe I'm graduating in 11 weeks. Yikes.