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St. Malo

Victor H Sanchez on Monday, 22 June 2009. Posted in Study Abroad

The very first Weekend in France we took a trip to St. Malo. This was also the first time that we met our French teachers.

St. Malo is a town on the coast of France about an hour north from Rennes. We had to meet up with Sylvia one of our teachers in front of the main building at 9:30AM. INSA had arranged for a bus to pick us up at school and take us to St. Malo.

For must of the bus ride I fell asleep; but from what I saw it looked really nice. This was my first sight of France outside of Rennes. We quickly got out of the city view and looked like we stepped in to the country. There were trees everywhere. Along the way we passed a place that Sylvia explained to us was a place where you can take your car if you want to sale it. This cuts out the “middle” man. People who want to sale or buy a car can meet there.

We got to St. Malo and it looked very busy. It was Monday and a holiday (In Rennes everything is closed on Sundays and on holidays, it is like in other cities also), many people go to St. Malo on these days because all the stores and restaurants in St. Malo are open.

As soon as we got off the bus I got a strong smell of sea and fish. We met up with Dominique our second teacher. The first thing we did was go to the museum inside St. Malo. The museum was dedicated to the history of St. Malo and famous people from there.
    Pirates to the King that were known for helping fight wars, finding Canada and El Rio de Janeiro. René Duguay-Toruin, Robert Surcouf, and Jacques Cartier. The museum was very interested and it was in side a castle like building. You were able to go all the way to the top and look out in to the ocean. We didn’t get much time there because it was near lunchtime and most places except for restaurant close during lunch.

I was very excited for what was to come. I love see food and we were in the perfect place for it. We went to Place Chateaubriand, which is named after a famous French author. The hotel is attached to the house of François-René de Chateaubriand. One of the most known foods to this part of France is Oysters. I have never had Oysters, they seemed like a little too much work but they were worth it :-D. This was the firs time that I was exposed to a French menu. In France you can order a Menu or a la cart. A Menu means, depending on the restaurant; means that you get to pick one choice from an Entrée (appetizer), Main course, and a desert all for a fixed price. This is usually cheaper. A la cart it just ordering the items you want separate. The food was amazing. This was also the first time I tried Kir Breton. Which is a drink made with cider and fruit syrup. It is amazing. Cider is native to Bretagne The region in France where I am.


After Lunch we were given a scavenger hunt. There is a huge wall around the perimeter of St. Malo. You can go up on the wall and look out in to the ocean or see the whole town. The scavenger hunt was to find the statues of the famous people from ST. Malo. We ere given a map and an hour, then we were off.


The scavenger hunt was fun but not as fun as exploring the town. It had a very old look to it. Everything was made of stone and. There was a cathedral. It was very nice looking. The architecture inside was typical yet very nice. It had beautiful stain glass windows.
St. Malo has a very famous coffee shop that is filled with dolls; it looks like tit was taken right out of Mullin Rouge; very bohemian. In the ocean there was a man made pool, it was used to capture the seawater during low tie.

St. Malo was very nice and I definitely had plans to return there before I left Rennes. So far my trip was off to an amazing start.

Fun coffee shop :-D