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Staying Fit in College

Danielle Nutter on Wednesday, 13 March 2013.

I think the thing that scared me the most during my first year of college was gaining the “freshmen 15.”It is said that within your first year of college many students gain weight because the dramatic change in lifestyle, but the real question it true? In my opinion, its really up to the individual. What makes gaining weight so easy at college is the many selections of food, lack of time to workout and the urge to splurge with friends. The odds don't have to be against you though, especially here at RIT. We have so many food options, wellness classes and fitness facilities. I think the best thing to do is start your first year off right. Here are some things you can do:

  • Create a workout friendly class schedule. I know, this seems almost impossible but one thing you can do help is schedule some wellness classes. Right now RIT requires 2 wellness credits to graduate, if you get them done right way it is one less thing you have to think about before graduation. Of course it would be smart to schedule at least one wellness class a quarter/semester, and for the small extra fee on your tuition its worth it.If you're not open to taking a class then hit the gym. The hours at the gym normally run 6am to 11pm so find a time that works for you and stick to it.


  • Don't take the bus system. If you're living on campus the walk to the academic side of campus really isn't that far, probably a 10min walk depending on where you're coming from. Its a great source of exercise and you're helping the environment too!


  • Think about what you're eating. This one seems simple but its really hard. This is because when you go to pick out meals on campus they will have just about everything you can think of. Just take a second before you get in line and say do I really need  cheese on my fries? haha once in a while is fine :). In the past year or so I have noticed that RIT has now implemented nutrition information for most of the dining options, so you can always take a look and see what you're really eating.

I think the real key is staying with it all quarter/semester. When it gets hard, don't forget that a little exercise can help with stress and make you feel good overall.