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Steak and Shoes

Sarah Alef on Sunday, 01 April 2007. Posted in Dining

Let me start off by saying that I LOVE dead cow.  Any way, shape or form, as long as it's sufficiently dead and not mooing on my plate.  

So Friday night, Krista (my friend from crew) and I decided that we needed to hit up the Old Navy flip-flop sale, since I have no sandals and warm weather is coming.  While I collect socks, my feet like to be free sometimes.  Unfortunately, since neither Krista or I have a car, we had to walk to Old Navy, and our friends Liz and Sade decided to come with us.  Flip-flop mission accomplished, we wandered around Payless Shoes for a while.  The fact that Liz got us to even go in in the first place was quite the accomplishment, since I hate shoe shopping more than almost anything else in the world.  We FINALLY got out of that place, and there was a scent on the wind.  Meat.  Red, dead, grilled meat.  Originally, we had planned to walk back to campus for dinner, but after almost 7 months of fake cafeteria meat, my stomach craves dead animal.  So we followed our noses and wound up waiting for a table at Applebee's.  Oh, the amazing goodness.  We all got some form of dead animal slathered in tasty with potatoes, and there was much rejoicing.  Also, our friend Poli (who has a car) was able to meet us, and we didn't have to walk (or rather, roll by that point) back to campus, where we all promptly collapsed for a nap.  Hooray for steak and shoes on Fridays!