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Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 13 October 2006.

Howdy all. Today was a big day the “G Men” and I went to a number of stores today to listen to car stereo’s and head units. As I have posted earlier I am pimping out my car a little and a decent audio system is crucial. We have been doing a lot of research for the past two weeks and felt it was time to actually give them a good listen. The Head unit of choice was the Pioneer 4800mp. Seeing it in action and feeling all the buttons and how it would actually perform is very important. Luckily it turned out I was in love with it. A great H/U it was indeed. For speakers we had a few ideas but nothing solid so that was where most of our time was spent. I am forgoing an amp and sub for now (aka at least 6 months probably more) so I have to rely on the H/U to power it. The Eclipse was a very nice sounding speaker, very warm and loud but not a twangie (is that a word?) sound. So I think I am going for the eclipse SE8335 but of course I am not buying anything for a few months so all that could change.

-The Coolest Dude Ever