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Stop the fight! We must SING!: Photo-journal day at the Opera

Adam Richlin on Tuesday, 13 March 2007. Posted in The Arts

So I got home safely for spring break! Ya

I have been looking forward to spring break for a while because my grandmother promised me tickets to go to the Opera with her. Now, when my grandmother goes to the opera, she is really serious about it. She has fun dressing up, wears the Opera spectacles, and goes to the best stage in the world: The Metropolitan Opera House.

For those that have never seen the Met in New York City, it is quite a sight to behold. The stage is five stories tall and over a hundred feet deep. There is also an orchestra pit and seating for over 4,000 in the theater! They change the whole stage every scene through a conveyor that stores up to 9 stages underground. Wooow!

So anyway... I got to see Boccanegro, which had quite a confusing story. The short version was a commoner gets vaulted into being king, finds out his daughter is really the daughter of his enemy, and then he is killed in a rebellion. The story is much more complicated, but its basically 3 hours of wall-to-wall singing. There was even a fight scene where they would spar, pause to sing to the audience, then randomly resume sparring again, etc. It was so absurd that I was laughing through the whole scene.

I did my best to document the journey with my camera phone. Sorry for the low-quality images, but it was the best I could do.
(Note, I have no photos of the opera itself because there are laws against taking pictures during the show)


We start the trip with a view of Huntington Station on the Long Island Rail Road. I got seriously bored waiting for the train. I took the LIRR into New York City rather than having to drive. I live only 45 minutes away by train, so its not too bad.


More train tracks. I stood in the same place and just looked the other direction.


A view of the walk down 35th street.


I'm going to guess this was 37th street. Note the Empire State building in the distance! I stopped around this block to get a bite to eat.


By this point, I had gotten myself seriously lost near 38th and 6th. I stopped to snap a picture of the cool Nike ad over the building and I lost my bearings. I trecked around until I got myself back in shape.


New York City's famous orange taxis! They are notoriously bad drivers. The rates are rather high, but I guess thats whats necessary for the cabby to make a profit with oil prices where they are today.


Madison Square Garden! (It's the big building on the right) For some reason, they built a sports stadium right on top of a 12-story-deep major transportation hub. Whatever posessed them to do that?!


We jump to views of the Metropolitan Opera House front lobby. It's an imense, spacious building!
I was on the second tier, so you can see the staircases spiraling up in some of the shots.
Other shots show the amazing chandeliers that Austria gave to the Met as a gift.

Now its interesting to note that after being there and seeing what the staircases and the chandeliers looked like, the building hasn't changed in the fifty years since it was built. The following photo was taken on the opening day of the MET in 1968:


Then we move inside the theater:

The stage curtain. The space is five stories tall, and the curtains pull up and to the sides to create a scalop shape toward the top. You can see the wrinkle lines where the cables pull the curtains. Cool, eh?

The ceiling was gold leaf with a large chandalier in the center. The chandelier came out white on the image, but it looks a lot like the chandeliers in the photo from the 70's above.

A view from the front row looking back into the theater.

I grabbed a shot of the orchestra before I headed back to my seat during intermission.

So I hope you enjoyed the tour. That was the hilight of my vacation!