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Mechanical Engineering
West Sand Lake NY

Summer at Hannaford

Patricia Schiotis on Thursday, 10 June 2010.

When I go home for the summer, it is back to my job at my local Hannaford Supermarket.  I have been working at the supermarket since high school and actually recently got recognized for my 5 year anniversary with the company.   This is the only real life in my town, and lucky for me, the supermarket is located right down the street from me.  Everyone always jokes how they have to drive about 10 or more minutes to get to work, whereas for me it is a 3 minute walk (four if I get caught waiting to cross at the intersection with the only stop light in town).

When I started working back in 2005, I was hired as a packer.  It is known as the lowest position in the front end, but I knew one day (when I was old enough) I would become a cashier.  Once I finally turned 16, I was officially trained as a cashier. Since then, I have been promoted to a Front End Service Leader, which means I am a shift supervisor. 

I was not even home for 24 hours when I started working back at Hannaford.  It seemed like nothing has changed, except for a few new produce items. One good thing about working at the local supermarket is that it is a great place to see everyone in the community. Many customers were so glad to see me back at work, and everyone was asking how my school year has been.  I always love talking about my RIT experience, so that really helped past the time.  Hannaford is also a place where I can see people I graduated with and hear stories from them as well.  For my first week home, it seemed as if I spent more time telling stories of the past year rather than ringing customers out.

Coming back to the supermarket on my breaks seems like the only way I spend my time while I am home. Most my days consists of just hanging out or sleeping.  Some days, I actually look forward to going into work and doing something with my time (and getting paid!).  But, I do remember that this is my summer break, and I am enjoying some time away from my hectic school schedule.  None-the-less, I am already anticipating moving back to my home at RIT later this summer.  For now, I can look forward to my weekend adventures I already have planned to go back and visit Rochester.