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Summer at RIT

Haley Blanchette on Friday, 29 July 2011.

Being at RIT in the summer is so nice because the weather in Beautiful!  Most days the temperature is around 80 degrees and it's usually quite sunny.  Even though I work in an office, I get to go outside to run a few errands accross campus so I do get to enjoy it!

The weirdest part about being here in the summer is that campus is so quiet and there are very few students here.  There are summer classes but most students go home or go on co-op.  It's so strange because during the school year campus is always incredibly active and lively.  I might be overwhelmed in the Fall when the campus awakens!

I'm definitely looking forward to Brick City Homecoming & Family Weekend in the Fall.  This year it's October 14th - 16th and Michael J. Fox is the Distinguished Speaker.  Kevin Hart is the comedian and they have yet to announce a musical guest- but I'm sure it's going to be awesome!  Last year Bob Dylan came!  My favorite event is the Men's Hockey Game which takes place at Blue Cross Areana on Saturday.  My family always attends to show our support for our amazing hockey team!

Even though I love the summer, I can't wait for classes to start up again!  I miss my friends who went home for the summer and I'm excited to start my 3rd year!