Summer Co-Op!

Christina Brooks on Sunday, 17 June 2012. Posted in Co-op

Hi Everyone! So I haven't updated you all in awhile so here's a summary of what I've been up to! So school's over now and it's finally summer vacation! It was definately much needed. Not gonna lie, it's nice not having to worry about classes and homework. My finals all went good and I came out positive grade wise!  I'm really pumped for my classes in the fall because I'll be learning some really cool new techniques in Adobe After Effects and 3D. However right now, I'm just enjoying my summer and especilly the sun. I've also landed my first ever co-op for this summer!

This summer I'm co-oping at this really unique company called Carney, Inc in Alexandria, VA. It's nice because I can live at home while working, so I save money and can see old friends on the weekends! Carney makes software and programs for the government, but the unique thing is Carney customizes and personalizes everything they do for the client, making it exactly what they need to get the job done. It's crazy to see all of the work that goes into every project and how incredible they turn out! These organizations are definately in god hands when they enlist Carney for help.

My role currently at the company is Digital Artist Intern. Right now I'm doing design work for varying projects and learning tons! It's only been 2 weeks so far on the job and I absolutely love it. The co-op is also great because it helps to reinforce for myself that I chose the right major. One cool project I'm currently working on is doing the social media for their non-profit organization that Carney is involved in. Check out their website HERE to learn more if you're interested!

It's definately a change working full time, 9-5 everyday. But so far I love it and love what I'm doing. It's also definately worth the experience! Word of advice: Co-op as much as you can, schedule permitting, before you graduate. You'll learn so much and it's great to have a glimpse of the real world and the industry. I definatley hope to co-op again next summer, but that's a long way away, so one step at a time ;)

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