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Summertime and the livin' is easy.

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 30 May 2013. Posted in Co-op, RIT Behind The Scenes, Vacation / Break

This summer is the first summer I won't be going home to enjoy break. I'll be hanging out at Admissions Office, fullfilling my last Co-Op and exploring Rochester all summer long!

I have a million projects I'm working on, both personally and professionally, and I'm totally stoked to finally sit down and get the business down.

I'll be re-starting a personal blog of mine (FortyOrLess) and also working on Rochester (and surrounding areas) Bucketlist that I'll be blogging about on admissions too. This is my last year at RIT and I want to make sure I hit up all the must-sees and must-dos in the area before graduation (yikes. what. omg. freaking out)!

I'm excited for this summer and can't wait to share my travels and stories! If you want to follow along, check back soon to these blogs or follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Oh! And if you're a Rochester native, RIT grad or anyone with any good info on any spots I need to hit up, share them with me!