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Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 12 June 2006.

i really couldn't think of an interesting title for this post. the background music of some rap song is stuck in my head and i'm pretty sure i can't type that out.

summer's still going good. i have two job interviews. one at the children's place and the other is at apple. guess which one i want. just try. it's not hard, i promise.

the point of this post is that i've decided everybody should host at least one theme party in their lifetime. and no, a short shorts party does not cut it. i had an 80's party this past weekend and it was a LOT of fun. the night before i planned my outfit out and then i went over to elena and ange's house. we spent three hours putting a ton of little braids in elena's hair so that the next day when she took them out, she'd have huge puffy 80's hair. of course, i didn't have to worry about that. all i did was blow dry it and it was twice the size of my head. hahah the best part was my mom wanted to dress up and i was like NOOOO. then later when some of my friends got cold, she came rushing out with a bunch of blazers with huge shoulder pads. which. she still wears.

and of course i have a picture!!

elena is the one all the way on the right. you can't even see how ridiculous my hair is in this went very far back more than out to the sides.