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Taxes and tigers and FAFSA's! Oh, my!

Corinne Franklin on Thursday, 12 February 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, Institute Requirements, Rochester & Monroe County

Now that January has come to an end, I’m trying to put my hands on those tax documents that came to me last month. I understand that filing tax returns can be scary for a lot of people – even me! The hardest part is collecting all of those required documents and carving out time to read, add, and enter data. Even finding time to take those tax documents to a preparer can be a challenge. For some people, it doesn’t end with filing the tax returns! Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) comes soon after. At RIT the FAFSA is the only required application to apply for need-based Federal, New York State, and RIT sponsored financial aid. If your taxes are done, the FAFSA is a little easier to get through. But, you can complete the FAFSA using estimated income as well.

I spent Sunday with several of my colleagues assisting over 175 families from the Rochester City School District complete the FAFSA on-line. I’ll admit, at times, the application was confusing and a little frustrating. But, these families got through it! For me, it was a great experience to see and feel what families go through when completing the FAFSA. So much of my time is spent looking at the end-results of the FAFSA, that I forget what goes into getting it submitted. But, I feel a lot more equipped to answer questions regarding the application process, as I’m confident that my colleagues do as well. So, ask the questions!

New students who want to be considered for financial aid at RIT should complete the FAFSA prior to March 1st. This will insure that you receive a Financial Aid Award mid-late March…just in time to make an Admission Decision by May 1st! And for those students who have applied as an Early Decision candidate to RIT, it is not too late to apply for an Early Decision Financial Aid Award. You’ll have to complete the FAFSA on-line at  We’re looking daily for FAFSA’s completed by Early Decision candidates.  Additional information regarding financial aid at RIT can be found on our website at