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Thank God its Friday

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 13 January 2006.

PHHeeeww, finally Friday it was a very long week. That three week break totally kills; I even studied a bunch during it. My test yesterday wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be; I really hope I did well. I think I either got a B or failed, no in between for me.
I really really like Jack Johnson, he is a phenomenal musician I believe, here is his website Jack Johnson's Website. You should totally check it out, I own every CD of his, I also was able to get some of his live tracks and I totally love it. In fact I will even attach one of them, entitled “Who's To Say? (G.A.T.E.)” This is off the J.O.A.T (Jack of All Trades) album that you can download from the forums off his site (It is legal). Well I have a bunch of programming to do now so I shall see you all later.
-The Coolest Dude Ever