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thank you email

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 10 August 2006.

i love the little reminder emails we get about blog pay periods. it basically is a nice reminder to write a blog entry. its not that i mind doing it, i just forget sometimes.

so what have i been up to??

well, we had one weekend of the show. i haven't broken any bones yet *knock on wood*. although i did get sick at a cast party. my cast party. that did not make me a happy camper.

i got my new cell phone finally. it had all sorts of nifty features and i can't wait to have it at school and finally be up to date with the rest of the world.

elena got a new bed so i got her memory foam topper from her old bed and i love it.

i've worked some.

yeah, nothing to exciting but at least its keeping me busy.

i really can't wait to go back to school. i know i've said that like 1000 times. but it's true. my mom is just driving me insane. i had a whole year of not being told what to do and now i'm home for the summer and she doesn't seem to get that. she always has to see what i'm doing. and oh gosh i can never even talk on the phone. she always trys to talk to me! like, she comes FLYING down from her room and starts going "who is it? is it for me? who is it? is it for me? what do they want?" until i get so sick of it that i just yell "it's for me, go away!" and then she gets mad. if it was for her, i'd just hand her the stupid phone. and like that's just two things. as the summer has gone on, she's gotten even crazier with this whole "curfew" notion. i never had one in high school. and like when i first got home she wanted me home by 1:30. now she wants me home at 12. i'm usually at my next door neighbor's house too. so like, it's not like i'm even far away.

oh joy. she's home from work. i can totally picture my mom being like the mom that comes to my house when im a grown up and rearranged the furniture because she doesn't like how i've placed it.

so what do i have coming up?? tonight i have like three places to be! i guess this makes up for all the nights i sat here doing nothing. my friend's band is playing at a carnival, i'm playing laser tag with some kids from fiddlah [as we've taken to calling it], and my friend is becoming a mary kay lady and tonight is her debut party.

i wonder if it's too early to start packing for RIT...