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The beginning for students is the end for Financial Aid

Corinne Franklin on Thursday, 27 August 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, Financial Aid, Orientation, Student Life

New students move in this weekend and returning students move in next weekend. The financial aid cycle started in November when we prepared for Early Decision applications. Then we moved right into regular decision awards, then continuing awards and then we spent the summer months collecting and reviewing documents to finalize the financial aid awards. All to get students enrolled fall quarter!


Things have really changed since I went to College. I remember a lot about my first day moving into my dorm at Paul Smith’s College (PSC). It was nice that everybody was new to PSC. We were all strangers and quickly became friends. I never did my own laundry before I went to college. The highlight was having a soda machine down the hall from my room - I became addicted to diet Pepsi!  And, I thoroughly enjoyed the choice of pastries every morning; so much so that I gained at least 10 pounds my first year and another 10 pounds my second year! Those were definitely the days!


I remember exactly where the Financial Aid Office was. I stopped in during my first week at PSC to drop off some high school scholarship checks, to sign some forms and to secure a Work-Study job. And, thought I was good to go. Actually, I was my first year. But, when I returned from an internship my second year, I was not allowed to register for classes because I had a tuition bill that was not paid! The bill was mailed home and addressed to me so my parents didn’t open it. It was stressful! My parents were on the phone with the Financial Aid Office. Ultimately, my dad applied for a Parent PLUS loan to pay the bill so that I could get registered for my classes.


Unfortunately, I think that a lot of people have had bad experiences working with Financial Aid offices. RIT’s Financial Aid staff is truly committed to helping students. We will be available on Sunday to assist families with questions and to assure them that we are here to help, throughout the year. Parents, make sure that your RIT-bound child has included your e-mail address on e-services for electronic billing information ( Also, make sure that your RIT-bound child is checking financial aid self-service (



I hope that new families have a smooth transition this weekend. Stop by and see us!