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The Build a Computer Practical

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 09 November 2006. Posted in Coursework

So I haven’t talked about my 340 class in a while. Tonight is the lab practical; I have to build a computer from pretty much scratch. I don’t like hardware that much probably because I tend to break it, but I have gotten drastically better at it because of this course; in fact I haven’t broken anything! I know I can build this computer because that was one of our first labs but that doesn’t mean I am not scared of failing it. I am going to do a run through before class to see if I can do it and warm up for the game!

The Dotes Kick Butt Song of the week is a song that was on a TV show. The song is amazing the beat and tempo of the music build for a tremendous climax while the vocals fit just perfectly with the whole song. “Running Up That Hill” by “Placebo”. The song is in fact a cover by another artist. This version is much better. Hope you enjoy