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The Car

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 01 December 2006.

So I went back to RIT last night (Thursday) and then promptly left for PA where the “G Men” live to pick up my car. My car aka the Previa has been at there house for about 2 months waiting for me to get my license. Now that I finally have my license I am able to pick up my baby, my first car. It’s a very old car; over 15 years old and around 124,000 miles. But it is mine, and I can now move about and do what I want and not rely on someone else to give me a ride. I am very happy.

Its 1:30 am here on the train and its dark, I am only of the few people up in my car. This is my first real train ride, as in me being all alone so it was an experience for sure, I have been a bit nervous to fall asleep because of fear of missing my stop and ending up very far away from where I want to be. So staying up is what I have done. We are due to arrive in Erie soon, so I need to start packing up. In a short few hours I will get my car and start driving it. FREEDOM!!