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the category is "things i don't like"

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 01 December 2006.

1. it's raining. well, i guess really i should start with it's 60 degrees. and it's raining. and it's december. WEATHER, YOU ARE RUINING MY CHRISTMASTIME. i now believe in global warming.

2. i really hate being sick. i feel like i've been run over by an 18 wheeler today. i slept until 10:30. i know that's normally not a shock for teenagers, but this is after i left my friends house early because i was tired and then came home and went to sleep. so no christmas pictures today.

3. spiders. i went downstairs the other day to bring up the christmas lights and such and there was a big spider dangling right over the box i needed to get. way to be, spider. we had a few spider incidents during finals week. if we ever need to get a new roommate, we decided to get a boy roommate so he can kill spiders and be manly.

4. people with bad communication skills aka my family. i've said it before and i'll say it again. i believe it would be easier for me to talk directly to president bush than to get ahold of one of my family members. things like cell phones, email, and instant messaging are supposed to make it easier to get in touch with people. it doesn't work in my family. my mom turns her phone off. my dad is computer retarded. my sister walks away from the computer in the middle of a conversation and doesn't put an away message up.

5. i think that was thunder.

6. weird noises in the house when i'm home alone and it's dark and scary out.

7. the fact that my mom nags me about cleaning and going to the doctor and eating healthy when she doesn't do any of that. my mom called me one day back when i was at school and goes, "have you girls vacuumed yet?" no.... "well why not?!!?" because the last time i saw you pick a vacuum up it was to clean up the pine needles from the last time we had a real tree back when i was like a junior in high school, thats why.

8. when the bottom of my jeans get wet.

9. when car air fresheners lose their scent fast.

10. mycourses isn't working. well, it's working. like i can log in and stuff. it just hasn't been updated so i can't see my classes for the upcoming quarter. they say that they update it one week before the first day of classes but they didn't this time. not cool.

in other news...things i do like --

my nfRIT kids. we really didn't plan on going to the same college, it just worked out that way. we just drove around aimlessly the other night. well, we were trying to find some christmas thing ryn said was in kent, but we couldn't. but the drive itself was loads of fun.

now back to sleeping or watching full house. peace out.