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The College Essay

SueLynn Hauer on Wednesday, 14 October 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, International Students, Institute Requirements

At RIT, our essay requirement is broad to allow students the flexibility to write about what they’d like.  Students can submit an essay they’ve written for a class, a professional statement-why they are interested in a career field or major, an essay about themselves which tells us more about what makes them unique, or a significant event in their life…the skies the limit!


Here are some pointers:


1. Choose a meaningful topic.  Whether it’s a topic on why you’re passionate about computers, or community service, if you choose a topic you’re passionate about, it will reflect in your essay.  Shouldn’t it be easier to write about things you know about?


2. Tell us more.  You application will already include your transcript and test scores.  Tell us something that we wouldn’t know already from your other application pieces.


3. But, get to the point.  While the essay typically will have a beginning, middle, and end, don’t go on and on.  We don’t set specific length guidelines and read everything that is submitted with the application.  However, don’t think that your essay has to be long for it to be good.


4. Edit.  It sounds basic, but re-read your essay.  Have other people read your essay.  Have your English teacher read your essay.  While the topic is very important, so is the need to have a well-written essay with no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.


The essay is just one part of the application materials you will send to colleges.  It is however, one that you have a lot of control over…make it work!