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The complexities of a car

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 02 December 2006.

So yesterday I picked up the car, registered it and all of that paperwork. It cost me 35$ just to get the paperwork done and get a stupid cardboard license plate I cant believe it. Some of the things I didn’t really think about of owning a car that I know need to are as follows:

1. Supplies.. like an extra bottle of oil, wiper fluid, water, jack, Winter scraper for windshield

2. Emergency things like blanket, drinking water, some food

3. Maps…I get lost quite easily

4. Toll money.

I know that I now need to buy those supplies… there are so many hidden costs of owning a car that I never thought of. I am probably missing a number of them and will only remember it when I need it.

We are leaving Erie tonight to head back to RIT, to avoid some bad weather and the traffic of RIT kids coming back to school and unloading and more importantly to relax on our last day of break. We are about to head out now, so il cya later.