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The Day of Relaxation

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 07 December 2006.

So Folks today marks the beginning of my 4 Day weekend. I really like it, I can wake up whenever I feel like it and continue this for many days.

I have been really tired the past few days, like exhausted to the point where I just want to go to bed early, like last night I went to bed at 11 pm! Its so early, I haven’t gone to bed that early in so long. I cant believe it I was out so quick because I was so tired, from what I have no idea..

Wiper blades are what I am working on getting now for my car, my car has “special blades” so I cant use normal stuff, I need to go to the dealer so I am going to do that today. I hope it isn’t to expensive.

Dotes Kick Butt Song is “Like a Star” by Corinne Bailey Rae. I found out about this artist through John Mayer’s Blog, I love it very much, it is a similar sound to Amos Lee I think, check it out definitely.