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The End of Break!

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 10 March 2007. Posted in Coursework, Vacation / Break

Oh Man folks, break is over and it has been way to short for sure. It has been just a short week. I got back Friday evening and left this morning and am now back at RIT. Man I hate how short breaks are. I have done many things on my break I that have enjoyed and things I haven’t enjoyed so much (Taxes!!) My precious car might have a leak in its tire so I need to get that checked out. It was freaking me out the entire drive. Every 100 miles or so I would check the pressure and fill it up. I did not want a blow out on the road for sure.

Credit hours… So I have been tour as to how many credit hours of classes I should take. I have achieved 3rd year status already so I mean I can take a bit of a break from 4 classes for this quarter not too mention my two NSSA classes are going to require many hours outside of lab to finish what the labs. I have heard horror stories about how bad it is. So having many more hours to do the labs I think will help me get a much better grade. But I m not sure what to do.