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The End of Week 1

Jon-derek Castagno on Thursday, 15 March 2007. Posted in Coursework, Student Life

So since I have lasted posted a lot has happened. I have dropped my 4th class public relations. I did this because I really did need the extra time already in the first week. Also a little bit of more free time is nice. 8 am is really early that is when my first class starts. System Administration 1 is that class; it is a great class but man I get up at 6:30 to get ready then my crew and I go out to breakfast then class. It is nice eating breakfast again but it’s so early, thankfully its only 2 days a week. But those two days are complete and utter Hell they really are. My War and the State class is amazing the professor is definitely the smartest man I know, he is amazing his control over the English language is amazing his diction is inspiring. He doesn’t sound arrogant or anything like that it’s just that he uses the best words one can use in any possible case. It’s so nice that I have even been taking notes as to what words he says so I can incorporate them into my daily language and tours. That being the case he is amazing; clarity has been bestowed upon me in so many ways. He knows his stuff for class and its very cool he is also very passionate about the subject which is really nice. He was describing the Spartans’ and said one could say they think of women as “Respectful Incubators” and said to write that on a hallmark card. He of course qualified that with that’s not his opinion but one of the Spartan’s; never-the-less ruthless and intriguing.

My frustration with RIT is approaching new levels also. I don’t have a professor for my 4050-515-70 class. The person we have doesn’t know what she’s talking about, dress in unprofessional attire, won’t be there every week and to top it off we truly have NO teacher for our lab, it’s just a bunch of lobbies. I pay a lot of money to get taught by professors and that is not the case for this class. I have notified the appropriate people about the situation and they are working on resolving it but however long it takes them to resolve it , it’s still time without a professor. This does not happen, in fact this is the first time I have heard of this happening at RIT so don’t take this as a normal thing but as an extraordinary event. RIT is generally great about professors and scheduling but somehow someone dropped the ball.

The Dotes Kick Ass Song of the week is not a song but instead a move. The “300”. Check it out, I know y’all know what it is. It is amazing check it out.