The Final Countdown!

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Wednesday, 13 November 2013. Posted in Coursework

That’s right everyone, this is the last year you’ll see me in my Undergraduate Ambassador uniform, because it’s finally here! Senior Year! 4 Years ago I drove up from Connecticut with my parents to a whole new life at RIT, and in 4 years I have grown and become a better person that I did in my first 18 years of life. I haven’t looked back since, and it’s been one amazing ride. Being such a large part of campus life as an OA, RA, Ambassador, singer, and AIGA member has given me a well-rounded skillset that I am confident will take me far.

I guess the big question now is, what’s next for Zach? Thanks to all the resources I have at my disposal with RIT (The Co-Op and Careers Office, Professor Networking, RIT’s Graduate programs The Peter’s Center for Innovation etc.) There are a wide variety of options for me! I am looking into applying to the Saunder’s College of Business to study and receive my MBA part time, while holding a full time position here in Rochester or in close proximity. Maybe I will grow my freelance design company, or join a larger firm. Once fall term starts, I will be busy with meetings and open houses to speak to different representatives, advisors and professors to help me with my career search.

Where will Zach go next? How will his Senior Year end? Will he find all that he is looking for? Stay tuned to find out! :-)