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the fine art of procrastination

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 08 November 2006. Posted in Coursework

hello all. it's week ten. good luck does not exist week ten. plain and simple.

i was having the most amazing luck the last few weeks too. it started when the halloween costume i wanted was still at walmart three days before halloween. not even an hour later, i got a free krispy kreme donut. i turned to my friend and told him that something bad was bound to happen. but good things kept happening. the more good things that happened, the more scared i got.

sure enough, the awful thing happened. my hard drive decided to hate me. right as i was all nice and motivated to finally write my psych paper [more on this later] my external hard drive decided to make funny noises and not work. perfect timing, technology. up until then i did not feel stressed about any of my final papers or projects. i basically freaked out and just went to bed. there really was nothing i could do.

luckily, my friends helped me out a lot today and i was able to get really important stuff off of my external. my computer at home needs to be restarted in order to get one of my usb ports working again, and i'm a tad nervous about restarting it without having things backed up. i have a computer checked out of the cage, so i might use a thumb drive to move things i haven't backed up yet, like my NYC pics, to this computer. *sigh* it could have been much worse. it could have been a repeat of last year where i lost everything for real. that = bad day.

so, back to this psych paper. well, not back to me doing it. back to me talking about it. if i spent as much time doing it as i did talking about it, i'd have a pretty lengthy paper by now. on the first day of class, my psychology professor told us that we would have a paper due november 9th. i hate when they assign things so far in advance. week ten, november, it all seemed so far from that beautiful summer day. every time a professor assigns a paper, i get all excited about planning it out and having it done well before it's due, but it never turns out like that. it always winds up like this...the day before it's due and me doing everything possible except the paper. hell, half the time i invent things for me to do. like this. i don't really need to be writing a blog entry now. but i am. because writing a blog is better than writing a paper. cleaning my room is better than writing a paper. doing laundry is better than writing a paper [and also really needs to get done].

procrastination is BAD. i need serious help though. i realized a lot of the time it's because i'm distracted by things, such as the computer and friends. last year, in order to combat this distraction, i built a fort in my room to study it. it helped. for a bit. i'm trying to remember why i got rid of my fort. oh. yes. now i remember. because i lofted my bed more so i could put my desk under there cause i had a desktop computer when my laptop broke. so. remember that time i hated technology?

i'm chillin up at the 4th floor cage. one of my friends walked by and she said her computer died last night. lesson learned - technological devices [especially ones you are relying on] know exactly when it's week ten.

i moved from a chair to the bench. i'm talking about vera bradley bags. apparently i'm going out to dinner tonight. apparently i have to walk across campus in order to get that dinner. *shakes fist* great, so now that i'm talking vera with my friend from home, it makes me want like. ten. new bags.

alright. so i have to walk across campus to get food. the debate now is: sit here some more and possibly not write a paper but still, have a chance of starting it then leave later and get home later for work and laundry? or... leave now. go get dinner. get home earlier. decisions decisions...

i'm outskee.