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The Hardest Week Ever

Jon-derek Castagno on Saturday, 04 February 2006.

“What’s going on? That is a common phrase that I usually start off my conversations but recently I have been replacing that with “Whazzzzz up? Why, I don’t know, all I do know is that is really funny I think. So this past week was a pretty hard week for me. Week 7 always is pretty hard, it is when I have papers due, practicum’s and exams. I was pretty stressed out and I didn’t do much to help alleviate my stress. Big mistake. Its definitely important to not buckle under the pressure not to say I did buckle but I came close to just not doing anything but I found something within me that was able to push through and end the week out pretty good. My advice to incoming ANSA/IT students Be wary of week 7, ALWAYS last quarter the same thing happened, I think its just a bad week when all the forces of academia conspire to make your week hell. Ha-ha not really but sometimes if feels like that.
On a side note about my Blog I have noticed that none of my spacing and tabs are showing up so I am going to be attempting to beat wordpress into submission through the means of HTML and see if that will work. Other than that my Blog coming along nicely, I am waiting for the release of a new theme so I can use that, one of Kubrick’s theme if you know about wordpress.
Here is a collection of Sobe Bottles. I love them so much, i get it with almost every meal here is a taste of my collection.
Sobe Collection
Okay the part we have all been waiting for, yes even me, the “DotesSong”. What shall it be today? I have decided. “Black Mercedes” by One Block Radius is the DKAS. I have been enjoying this song a lot recently I recently found it in my library, it was from an iTunes Free Single of the Week a while ago but I never listened to it. I hope you all enjoy.
-The Coolest Dude Ever