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The Impossible highs and severe lows of a NYC co-op

Cynthia Roberts on Wednesday, 24 September 2008. Posted in Co-op

I've been meaning to write this blog post for the past three weeks.  Basically ever since I promised Mary and Christine I would continue to blog now that I've returned from Italy. 

So here it is.  Please let me work there when I get back in Decemeber.  I like you lots.

In order to graduate I have to complete 1 more co-op (my time abroad counting for the other one I needed) and when I returned home I got a call for an interview for an internship in NYC at Fuse TV.  Which if you know me, is pretty much the greatest job in the world.  So I ran around like a mad woman the week before school started first driving from Boston to Providence where my roommate Becca and a couple of other fine RIT kids came down to celebrate my birthday with me at our house on Prudence Island (which was great) and then I drove to NYC and interviewed at Fuse which is owned by Madison Square Garden.  I thought I blew it, but I tend to be pessimistic about those kinds of things. 

So then I drove to Vermont to see my family.  Then it was out to Rochester for a few days where I learned on my drive out that I had recieved the job (this was the Friday before classes began) so instead of unpacking my stuff at the house, I threw my room up on Craigslist to try to get it subletted (so far nothing), packed up a few things (I forgot like half the things I could use down here) and drove to Larchmont, NY which is where my aunt and uncle and 5 small cousins live.  They have taken me into their house because my super wonderful internship pays a whooping $25 a day which is NOTHING but totally worth it.  More on that later. 

They set me up with a lovely guest room in their fantastic house and feed me food.  I also got a part time job at Trader Joe's which is the amazing grocery store they should really have in Vermont and Rochester too for that matter. 

So from Monday-Thursday I work in the city from 10am-6pm alotting 1 hour each way for the commute and the on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I work at Trader Joe's. 

This is pretty intense and I don't sleep much. 

But the brightside to it is that the people I work with at Trader Joe's are cool and Fuse is AMAZING.  Seriously. 

My second day I filmed two interviews with bands.  I was put on the guest list of one of their shows and their manager offered to buy me drinks.  I didn't go because I had gone out the night before with a friend and I was tired.  Also the band weren't really my thing. 

The other band Innerpartysystem, were super cool guys, and really nice.  They're opening for Mindless Self Indulgence up in the ROC tomorrow so if you're in the vicinity you should go and check them out.

Yesterday, I met Kiefer Sutherland.  He's much shorter than I expected totally ruining the super BA image I have of him from 24, but also reinforcing it in the sense that this little dude can kick some butt.  I met him because he has a record label which is launching this new band called honeyhoney.  We interviewed them and they were outrageously cool. 

Today they played a small acoustic set in the office for us and they brought free CD's. 

As a poor (extremely poor) college kid, I don't think I'll ever get tired of free stuff.

So what do I do when I'm not meeting famous people you might wonder?

I review a lot of the footage from concerts or interviews and record time stamps of interesting statements, or songs etc.  I transcribe all the interviews we do...this is the only slightly boring part.

I also read a ton of music blogs...mainly for my own personal entertainment.  Additionally, the people I work with are really cool and I work at a company where I can dress however I want everyday.  This goes for the actualy employees too.  And I get lots of discounts for tickets (even to Broadway) on other things in the city which if I ever get a plus sign in my bank I plan to take full advantage of.

I actually should get back to work.  I was just waiting for a file to download.  And now it's here so I'm going to get something productive done.