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The Last Fall Quarter

Erin Supinka on Wednesday, 05 September 2012.

It sounds like a movie or novel title...the latest bestseller.

But as hump day of the first week of the last fall quarter at RIT begins, it's weird to think this time next year, I'll be doing something completely different. RIT will be doing something completely different.

RIT will be officially starting semesters next fall. Incoming freshmen next year will start college classes the same way the majority of colleges across the country do already.

It's really strange to think about the classes that I'm sitting in now having another five weeks attached. Ten weeks always feels like the perfect amount of time to spend studying something. Any class I ever felt I wanted to learn more about always had a second part to it so I could continue learning if I really wanted to.

That also means if I really disliked a class, I only had to last through two and half months of it. Not bad at all.

Switching to semesters will be interesting. I will miss quarters. I'm sure you've heard nightmares about not being able to miss one single class without falling far behind or the workload being unbelievable.

It was fast-paced, I will definitely give you that, but being on quarters helped me develop strong time-management skills and made me more reliable, more accountable.

I'm excited for the change though. Breaks and holidays will line up way better with my friends' and boyfriend's. It will be nice being home for Christmas longer than two weeks!

So here's to the last fall quarter ever at RIT! Can't wait to see what it has in store for me!

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