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The Last Week 06

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 15 December 2006.

Howdy, So it is officially 7 days till I get to go home. It would have been 5 days due to my 4 day weekend but my brother, who is younger, is flying to Maine so I gotta pick him up at an airport Friday, so I figure stay an extra 2 days to pick him up on my way home. I am really excited to see him, I haven’t really spent much time with him for the past 5 years, we live on opposite sides of the country. I miss my brother quite a bit so it will be fun to see him.

We are actually going on an epic road trip down to Virginia, where we are going to visit a friend of his. That drive will be good bonding time, so that will be quite cool indeed. I just hope that my car wont fall apart during the trip or ever in fact.

So this being Week 3 a lot of professors give exams because a majority of people forget everything over the Christmas break, but someone I don’t. YAY! Very exciting, all I have are labs to due, which are pretty long and difficult. Well catch y’all later.