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The Liberty League, Part II

Carolyn Levine on Friday, 04 December 2009. Posted in Athletics

I just read Matt's post about joining the liberty league in the fall of 2011 and felt compelled to respond. For anyone who hasn't been following my posts, you should know that I transferred to RIT from St. Lawrence University, which is already a member of the Liberty League. I am SO excited for RIT to join the LL because we will now be playing my old school and all the schools that I played while at SLU. The league is extremely competitive and I can't wait to see how RIT impress everyone in 2011! 

By the time we do join the league, I will have graduated, but that doesn't put a damper on my excitement. This is a great move for RIT sports and I suspect it will only increase school spirit. I will definitely be there to witness the Tigers beat the Saints for the first time in spring 2012!