The Major Change

Christina Brooks on Friday, 12 November 2010. Posted in Advising & Support, Student Life

I recently changed my major from Graphic Design to New Media Design and Imaging. What is New Media Design and Imaging you may ask? Here’s a brief summary from the CIAS (College of Imaging Arts and Sciences) website :

“The New Media Design and Imaging Bachelor of Fine Arts degree was created in response to a growing demand of college graduates with strong digital imaging skills, highly refined design sensitivities, and the ability to visualize concepts.

Students will gain experience in concept development, design development, digital sound, animation, interactivity, programming, digital photography and video, multimedia project development, and digital imaging.

Students will also explore gaming, entertainment multimedia, virtual reality, and other facets of new media. Students will prepare projects delivered on all of the major medias including CD-ROM, DVD, and the Web.”

I decided to change because I really wanted to work with more interactive mediums (I think my love for video games and interactive websites brought this about). New Media provides a wide range of different art/programming majors all put in to one, which is all something I really want to do. I’m really excited to start taking New Media classes next quarter. Taking 19 credits winter quarter will definitely be a challenge, but its one I’m ready to take on.

Changing my major was probably one of the easiest things to do since being here at college. I emailed the head of New Media and set up a meeting with him. At the meeting, I had a portfolio review of my high school portfolio and work I’ve done since being here at RIT. Then I got accepted! It was a lot quicker than I thought and was probably one of the best days I’ve had at RIT thus far. After filling out paperwork, changing my schedule around for next quarter, and turning in papers to various administrators, it was done! New major and new classes for winter. And because Graphic Design and New Media have so much overlap, changing my schedule was pretty easy.

So if you aren’t completely sure on what major you want yet, that’s normal! You have plenty of time to figure it out! There is the University Studies program here which lets you explore a variety of majors. Of if you want one major but not completely sure, you can always enter in that, test out the waters, and switch to something else if it’s not for you. Most college students do change their major at least once. It’s totally okay if you’re not sure about your major yet. That’s what college is for, figuring it out!

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