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The Off The Ground Fight

Josh Vickerson on Monday, 22 April 2013. Posted in Clubs, Computing

There are well over 240 clubs, groups and activities here at RIT, so you might think trying to start yet another one is a difficult prospect. Late last quarter, though, I wrote about starting a new group on campus. As the end of Spring quarter approaches (already!), we're still fighting to get the club off the ground.

The Student Computing Systems Alliance (SCSA) is a new group similar to the Society of Software Engineers, except we cater more directly to students majoring in Networking or Information Technology. So far, our meetings have been made up of about 4 people every other week. We're still looking into what kinds of things students are interested in covering, but we're getting there. We have a few plans in place, but we can't really get the ball rolling until Fall, which is where you, my dear reader, come in.

If you're a student majoring in Information Technology, Networking, or any other computing major really, we want you! (Insert Uncle Sam poster here). Better yet, if you're majoring in absolutely anything else and you have an interest in learning more about computer systems, you're absolutely welcome here.

We plan to fill in the gaps in the curriculum in our repsective areas, help freshmen review for their introductory courses and more. We'll cover topics from programming (in Java and more), web development, web hosting, networking basics, security, or anything else you're interested in. We're just a group of students with a passion for computers and we're looking for people to share that with.

So while we're tiny now, we will expand. There's a lot to do in order to have the same standing as a more established group like the SSE, but we will not give up. I believe in the SCSA, and I will contribute what I can to make it succeed. Thinking about coming to RIT for computing? Join the SCSA and play a critical role in shaping our future. Considering RIT for anything else? Interested in computers? You come too.

Computers not your thing? Don't worry. There's over 240 other groups for you. Or you could always start your own, and face the same fight as the SCSA. There's a community here for you. You've just got to find it.