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The Organic Chem Monster

Sarah Alef on Wednesday, 26 September 2007. Posted in Co-op, Coursework

This week == intense. Basically all my teachers have decided that "I don't want to give you a test in week 5, because that's when everyone has midterms" so I have had 4 tests in 4 classes.  However, 2 of my classes have offered a deal that if we do well on the first three tests, we don't have to take the final for the class.  Since finals are cumulative, it's a good incentive to study hard.  My first organic chemistry test is this Friday, and after this blog post, I have every intention of locking myself in my room and getting cozy with the orgo book, so I don't get eaten by the chem monster.  I also reallly really really want an A in this class, (because who wouldn't be in awe of someone that aced organic chemistry) just so I can say I got an A.  :-) 

Today was also the co-op/job fair, which means everyone is walking around all dressed up and spiffy looking.  The job fair brings over 150 employers/companies to RIT, all for the purpose offering jobs, co-ops, and networking opportunities.  You don't have to go to the fair, but it's a pretty good idea if you're interested in a summer job, co-op, or just gaining some experience in your field.  I found three companies whom I could co-op for this year, and made some good connections.  You don't need to be an upperclassman to go, I went as a freshman just to look around and get an idea of where I could work at someday.  Plus, there's also a lot of free stuff.  (And like I tell all my tours, free means you should go.) Xerox gave out FREE 125 mb flash drives!